August 9, 2017

Ceaberry's Homesteading: Chickens -- Adding a Grazing Frame

Chickens like to scratch the ground and the dirt can build up. This instinct is evident in a run that doesn't move. There is a solution: The grazing frame. I built mine out of an old screen window frame.  I took off the hinges and the old screen. I added chicken wire via my trusty staple gun. Then I painted with the same brown rustoleum paint I used for other weather proofing around the coop.

I started with an old screen window my husband brought home ages ago.

 I stapled the chicken wire around the frame. I removed the other wire since it was not working for me but against me.

I made the wire as tight as I could, that's a lot of stapling but it was worth it... or that's what I keep telling myself and my aching hand.

 Then I painted the frame, I chose brown for everything. My gutters on my house are brown, that was the only deciding factor.

Then, I placed it in the run. You can see my decorative concrete blocks in the corner. This was before I installed the landscape timbers, which included more stapling. 

So here is a recap of the process:

It took about 2 hours because my helpers were a bit busy at the time.

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