August 14, 2017

Ceaberry's Homesteading: Gardening -- Starting to Come to life

Before I show the updates of the garden in mid-June I have a picture of the bushes after I hand pruned them. These bushes were over 14 feet in the air and the now sunny spot that was created was ALL in shade. If you're worried about the bushes surviving, I can say now in August the Rose of Sharon is blooming it's three flower colors and even though I had the back lilac chainsawed to the ground (due to rot) it is coming back full force already. This was actually best for the lilac bushes because the rot had set in pretty deeply and if I had let it continue there would have been no bushes in about a year or so. 

Ok now to the garden. In mid-June it did not look like much from far away, mostly a flower garden. This was great since it had color while waiting for the veggies to grow.
In the front, you can see flats of tomatoes that would become my plants that have been so successful!
These are my radishes and lettuce. In later videos you will only see the radishes. These are not the same as the ones pictured. Unbeknownst to me around this time cut worms were growing in my container. The moths are attached you young soft growth (the lettuce since it isn't head lettuce) and I had TWELVE in this small container. I woke up one morning to all of my greens just gone. I replanted after I sifted the soil. Now those radishes have been picked and one has left to seed. Lesson learned.

These are my little corn sprouts. Now a few of these were moved into the raised bed and the ones left in the pot got tassels but never any silks, the ones in the raised bed however have silks and tassels. Gardening ....*eye roll*

During most of June my corn plants hosted small yellow garden spiders. They stayed there all month until I finally moved them into my garden and I still see them around from time to time.

My pink lemonade blueberry bush had the berries finally starting to change from green to pink.

In the other pots, my cotton in the center pot is coming up well. It will be the only pot to survive, the other two are repurposed for other things later in the season... Gardening.

In this picture, I have planted my peppers and tomatoes with the onions in the center of the raised bed.

Now for some pretty flowers. These are my snap dragons with the Hawaiian 5.0 in the middle. Hindsight, I will put the purple flowers in their own container next year.

These are my marigolds and celosia flowers.  It took until mid-July for the latter to bloom but my marigolds have been going strong all summer!

Here are my begonias. They look exactly the same as they do in this picture today in August.

I got all my flowers and my peppers from a local grower, the rest of my stuff is from Burpee's or Crazy Harry's Greenhouse (not a paid endorsement). 

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