August 11, 2017

Ceaberry's Homesteading: Chickens -- Egg Collecting

The reason I agreed to 4 more chickens was for the eggs. When I first got my pullets our neighbor graciously gave us two dozen eggs. I think she wanted to show that they would be small in the beginning but would increase in size eventually.

So the first day we got the chickens, they didn't lay any eggs. We received them around 6 PM so they were done laying for the day. However, the next day the nesting boxes proved to be perfect for them. 

There are dummy eggs in the nest boxes as well (the two larger ones). My kids were really excited to collect some eggs from the nesting boxes.

These are our first few eggs!! We have gotten over 60+ since getting the 4 hens and our pullets should start laying at the end of this month!

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