August 28, 2017

Ceaberry's Homesteading: Life Hack -- Plastic Bag Holder

So I have scouring Pinterest lately for ideas to do life hacks. I came across a plastic bag holder, with a nifty pull out feature. Now theirs looked a lot more professional, but I live on a homestead, "rustic" is kind of the description of everything.

I took a sparkling water bottle, that Mr. Farmer drinks, and I cut right where the label hits. Normally there is a small indention, it is a bit thinner and much easier to cut. I left about 1/4 of the bottle uncut for a hinge. 

Since I have children I got some lovely duct tape (that is the real name for the tape, the other is a brand of that tape), in pink kitty print. I taped around the edges and put a small tab on the front with a bit of double sided tape (or the duct tape rolled up to form double sided tape). 

Then I folded and rolled the plastic bags I had laying around and stuffed them into the bottle. I had to test it out of course! This was a Pinterest win for sure!

It was so easy that I made two! One for the house and one for the car!

On a side note, dealing with plastic bags. I sometimes get too large of trash can bags. So I put a hook on either side of my trash can (and on my smaller one that I use the plastic bags in) and it works like a dream. So that is two hacks for one post! Happy Homesteading!

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