January 18, 2019

Ceaberry's Homesteading: Plans for 2019

As I continue on through to this coming year I feel it is good to have a plan. I had a plan last year and it went all up and smoke. My plans shortened to day to day then slowly increased to week to week. I am still on week to week and I am trying to figure stuff out as I go along. At a moments notice my whole life could change and this homesteading life could be over for me.

At one point I had no chickens on my property. In July 2017, I had a chicken coop built and chickens placed in it within a week. I got more chickens, goats, and ducks quickly after that. It was a crazy couple of months. To look back on that time is not with happiness. But my chickens are my support animals. By July 2018 my property sat empty of chickens once again. It was the loneliest feeling in the world. It was a pain to look at the run and coop and it be empty.

So the plan for this year is in months. January is over halfway over but there is still a plan for the other half.

  • The chicks will be going to a new home or out in the big coop.
  • The goats may be going to a new home this month, but by next month.
  • Get the wood inside the house and drying.
  • Raise more chicks.
  • Have a HUGE sale on all inventory.
  • Tighten things up around the homestead.

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