November 30, 2015

Cyber Week Sale

There is a sale currently running at my shop until the end of the day on Thursday December 3rd! Everything is already discounted in the shop. My entire inventory is in there! For the knitted hats there are multiple hats in each listing for you to choose and peruse. If there is a mosaic as the first picture for a yarn listing then it has 2-4 color ways in one listing for you to choose from!

November 19, 2015

Ceaberry's Haberdashery Episode 2: On the Farm

Show Notes:

Baby Jumpsuit using Belle Epoque Silk SockForest Fruits.
Penelope's Vintage Tunic using Highland Handmades Silver Maple Sock: Autumn Evening and Belle Epoque Silk Sock: Forest Fruits.

Turtle Made Rambouillet and 3D Mini Turkish Spindle

On the Farm
You can hear my husband in the background say, "That's the first one." It is the white-faced bull calf I mention in the video, it is the same one seen a few times in the other videos. Excuse the noises I am making, I am heavily pregnant with a 19 month old on my lap on a bumpy farm, it was a bit hard to capture footage without the noise.

Current Calf Count:
13 Calfs born
3 left to potentially be born (we do not preg-check our cattle so it always a "surprise")