November 19, 2015

Ceaberry's Haberdashery Episode 2: On the Farm

Show Notes:

Baby Jumpsuit using Belle Epoque Silk SockForest Fruits.
Penelope's Vintage Tunic using Highland Handmades Silver Maple Sock: Autumn Evening and Belle Epoque Silk Sock: Forest Fruits.

Turtle Made Rambouillet and 3D Mini Turkish Spindle

On the Farm
You can hear my husband in the background say, "That's the first one." It is the white-faced bull calf I mention in the video, it is the same one seen a few times in the other videos. Excuse the noises I am making, I am heavily pregnant with a 19 month old on my lap on a bumpy farm, it was a bit hard to capture footage without the noise.

Current Calf Count:
13 Calfs born
3 left to potentially be born (we do not preg-check our cattle so it always a "surprise")

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