December 15, 2016

Episode 8: Time for an Update!

Show notes:
Sorry, for the delay! I hope that this episode will make up for the lack of podcasting lately. I may break it up into smaller segments but I hope to make it a nice podcast for you!

Observing Nature: (Family Updates)
C is about to turn 1 years old on the 30th!! She is walking and talking and showing her attitude!
P is just being a typical 2-3 year old!
Cows are done having the babies!

Null Accepted: (Finished objects)

Testing the Hypothesis: (WIPs)

Centrifuging: (Spinning)
Highland Handmade -- Cherry Blossom

Investment for the future: (Stash Enhancement)
Blue Barn Fiber

Chromatography: (Dyeing)
Major Dyeing progress
Nina Soft Spin Dryer 

Peer review: (Reviews)

Ceaberry's Haberdashery: (Shop Updates)
The shop is currently up-to-date

December 14, 2016

Shop Update! Coming Soon!!

A little sneak peek of the colorways in the next shop update! I have 60 mini skeins or "tasters" as I put it and 40 larger skeins! It is going to be epic!! Just waiting for the last of the skeins to dry so I can photograph all the pretties. 
Next year I will be offering my hand-spun in the shop as well! I am getting a new tool from Santa Claus that will help me create even better color ways with all the fiber I have been patiently waiting to dye and spin!
If you are visiting Pocahontas County stop by Melissa's Knit and Hobby Shop, LLC! She carries wonderful yarn and accessories as well as some of my yarn and hand knit hats there on consignment!