December 15, 2016

Episode 8: Time for an Update!

Show notes:
Sorry, for the delay! I hope that this episode will make up for the lack of podcasting lately. I may break it up into smaller segments but I hope to make it a nice podcast for you!

Observing Nature: (Family Updates)
C is about to turn 1 years old on the 30th!! She is walking and talking and showing her attitude!
P is just being a typical 2-3 year old!
Cows are done having the babies!

Null Accepted: (Finished objects)

Testing the Hypothesis: (WIPs)

Centrifuging: (Spinning)
Highland Handmade -- Cherry Blossom

Investment for the future: (Stash Enhancement)
Blue Barn Fiber

Chromatography: (Dyeing)
Major Dyeing progress
Nina Soft Spin Dryer 

Peer review: (Reviews)

Ceaberry's Haberdashery: (Shop Updates)
The shop is currently up-to-date

December 14, 2016

Shop Update! Coming Soon!!

A little sneak peek of the colorways in the next shop update! I have 60 mini skeins or "tasters" as I put it and 40 larger skeins! It is going to be epic!! Just waiting for the last of the skeins to dry so I can photograph all the pretties. 
Next year I will be offering my hand-spun in the shop as well! I am getting a new tool from Santa Claus that will help me create even better color ways with all the fiber I have been patiently waiting to dye and spin!
If you are visiting Pocahontas County stop by Melissa's Knit and Hobby Shop, LLC! She carries wonderful yarn and accessories as well as some of my yarn and hand knit hats there on consignment!

November 10, 2016

Hand-piecing a Quilt: Step 4

So after putting the neutrals together with the rectangles then I started putting the now strips together into a column. I have finished the pink column with 35 strips. Now I am simultaneously working on the red columns on either side of that column! 2 for 1, such good progress!

The strips are pinned together waiting to be sewn.

The sewn strips.

Little bit of my hand stitching!

October 25, 2016

Hand piecing a quilt: Step 3.

So after some careful thought and decisions I figured out to do the columns by color. I started with pink for the middle color since this is for my daughters. Then it will radiate out in the rainbow colors. 

I figured out how to strip hand piece the squares in the columns.

Then I cut them apart, and set them up for the next step.

These baggies are lpoking good!

Just for sme knitting, this is a 10 stitch Tunisian crochet blanket. This yarn worked beautifully.

October 24, 2016

Hand piecing a quilt: Step 2.

The next step in the process was to separate every fabric into color families. I came up with, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue (dark and light), violet, and neutrals/rainbows.

I then put them into little snack baggies.

October 18, 2016

New journey started, Step 1.

I will be podcasting soon! I have so much to share that it should be a nice episode (or I might break it up into a few smaller ones! I have slow internet so I understand file size issues).

But that's not what this post is about! 

I want to mark the beginning of a journey. I have a quilt to hand sew and hand quilt. This is for my girls, I needed something portable, like my knitting. But sometimes my wrists don't like knitting or cross stitching so sewing in my option. I hope to finish this in about a year. 

Journey step 1: Received the precut pieces my mom, bought me for my birthday (October 6th, I turned 30). I don't have the time or resources to cut 900+ squares/rectangles so she bought me a precut kit that was fussy cut. Fussy cut: to cut fabrics out with the motifs in mind.

A boxed arrived in my mailbox... Just a note to USPS, just because it CAN fit in my mailbox doesn't mean I CAN get it out of my mailbox. Especially if I am holding a 20lb 9 month old in one arm.

I opened the box excitedly and found the pattern on top of waxed paper.

When I opened the waxed paper, a delight of the eyes appeared before me!

Those neutral fabrics are tied in bundles! What a nice added touch! 

The colored fabric was neatly arranged by color. 

Soo many bundles of fabric!

A lovely note. They cut 900 squares/rectangles!! As you can see it says she over cut the amounts for picking and choosing (I got 32 extra of EACH)!

So there we have it!

August 31, 2016

Episode 7: Jammed full of love

Show notes:
It took me a while to get this episode because of time constraints and a few other things I discuss in the podcast.

Observing Nature: (Family Updates)
P was sick with Roseola
P went to the fair
C is teething pretty bad and learning to cruise around the house

Null Accepted: (Finished objects)
Vest for C
SOS Caramel Toddler Socks
Sunlit Glass

Testing the Hypothesis: (WIPs)

Rag Rug for kitchen
Talisman Shawl
There and Back Again Scarf

Centrifuging: (Spinning)
 Blue Barn Fiber

Investment for the future: (Stash Enhancement)

Chromatography: (Dyeing)

Peer review: (Reviews)

Ceaberry's Haberdashery: (Shop Updates)
The shop is currently uptodate and all of last year's stock is discounted. I explain why I had to add shipping prices back into the picture.

August 26, 2016

New Design: Vest Recipe!

I am currently working on getting tim to record the podcast for this month. It is really jammed full of stuff his time. In the meantime enjoy a NEW free pattern on me. This is a recipe pattern for a turtle necked vest, knit in the round from the bottom up. It is intended for babies and children only. They have a bit different proportions then adults so it may not fit an adult if they were using the recipe.

The way I decrease for the front and back is a bit different then the normal way and it follows children's proportions a bit nicer.

My lovely model is Calliope, my almost 8 month old (where has time gone?!). Download here.

Visit my Ravelry store for my other designs!

May 17, 2016

Podcasting dates

I will be podcasting nearer the end or beginning of the month. I recorded something the other night but my little toddler got ahold of it and somehow deleted it! My next recording should be soon but until then I will distract you with a cute picture!

Calliope at 4.5 months! Over 15lbs and 26ish inches tall
Our newest addition... BUTTERCUP!

January 23, 2016

Podcast delay

Due to some medical issues experienced by every member of our household I am delaying the podcast. It should be up soon as we are all now on the mend!