August 31, 2016

Episode 7: Jammed full of love

Show notes:
It took me a while to get this episode because of time constraints and a few other things I discuss in the podcast.

Observing Nature: (Family Updates)
P was sick with Roseola
P went to the fair
C is teething pretty bad and learning to cruise around the house

Null Accepted: (Finished objects)
Vest for C
SOS Caramel Toddler Socks
Sunlit Glass

Testing the Hypothesis: (WIPs)

Rag Rug for kitchen
Talisman Shawl
There and Back Again Scarf

Centrifuging: (Spinning)
 Blue Barn Fiber

Investment for the future: (Stash Enhancement)

Chromatography: (Dyeing)

Peer review: (Reviews)

Ceaberry's Haberdashery: (Shop Updates)
The shop is currently uptodate and all of last year's stock is discounted. I explain why I had to add shipping prices back into the picture.

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