February 22, 2020

Ceaberry’s Apartment-stead: Seed starting in Zone 6a

I have moved from the “family” farm to an apartment in the center of town. It comes with a nice balcony and more freedom. Caring for a dying and under appreciated piece of land while raising three kids singularly was a task and a half. I had a suspicion that the house was cursed long before I got there and it proved me right time and time again. We are now settled into our new home and we are getting back to a semi-normal routine.

The first thing to start back up in earnest is gardening. I will be starting my seeds for real (I started a few with the kids about a month ago for something fun to do one weekend) this coming weekend and week. I have a lot going on in my life right now and making time for things that bring me peace is essential for my own health and the education of my kids.

Apartment-stead has begun a little bit earlier with the start of a compost bin.

Thank you to Home Grown Veg and CaliKim on YouTube for the idea of the small compost bin.  
I purée my veg waste and my paper products to put in there. Then I put a small layer of wood stove pellets and soil over the food bits to keep bugs down. Yay for my soon to be compost bin. My worm bin will be next when it gets warm. 

I have been doing some experiments with sourdough and I have been doing some crafty things. So more content to come soon. But for now, seeds are waiting and possibilities of something great to come are awaiting me and my girls.

Remember to always shine brighter.

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