February 28, 2019

Ceaberry's Homestead: Pretending it is spring

Phew, it has been a wild few weeks but as the temperatures rise around the USA, the gardeners in the upper zones are looking with envy and a bit of bitterness to those in the south who can start their garden by now. With unseasonably warm weather the temptation is STRONG to start seeds, or even plants right now. I am in Zone 6a and 5b (the top half of my homestead is in 6a and the bottom half is in 5b). I actually go with 5a recommendations because I have woken up with snow in my bedroom in MAY after a 70F day the day before. Our frost date is May 23rd and our first frost is October 1, isn't that a kick in the gut? I think I need to invest in some sort of season extender this next year but for now, I am being semi-conservative on my seed starting. Come Mid-March and April then I will be all for starting my seeds.

I look outside today, sun shining, and it is heading to mid-60s in temperature. Unlike my tulips and crocuses, I will not be fooled into thinking we will have an "early" spring. This happens EVERY year and even my peach trees get fooled and my apples... sigh. I will be starting more seeds today, I know I will but I have such a small planting season I need to get healthy, strong plants to go into the ground. Today is an outside the home day and I am hoping I can get everything I need to do done. If you're wondering about the littles, I don't have them every day so 3-4 days a week they are at their dad's house. To me, it was important that they got to see both of us equally and it allows for some reset time for both of us since our kids are small and they require full-time attention.

So what kind of crazy will I get into today? I will let you know tomorrow but the plan is to work on the seeds, garden tilling (hand tilling), and the chicken coop. My burn pile is looking angrily at me and it really needs to be gone. So, for now, I will leave you with the hope that you start seeds to your zone and remember, nature is tricky and don't be fooled into early spring.

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