December 15, 2016

Episode 8: Time for an Update!

Show notes:
Sorry, for the delay! I hope that this episode will make up for the lack of podcasting lately. I may break it up into smaller segments but I hope to make it a nice podcast for you!

Observing Nature: (Family Updates)
C is about to turn 1 years old on the 30th!! She is walking and talking and showing her attitude!
P is just being a typical 2-3 year old!
Cows are done having the babies!

Null Accepted: (Finished objects)

Testing the Hypothesis: (WIPs)

Centrifuging: (Spinning)
Highland Handmade -- Cherry Blossom

Investment for the future: (Stash Enhancement)
Blue Barn Fiber

Chromatography: (Dyeing)
Major Dyeing progress
Nina Soft Spin Dryer 

Peer review: (Reviews)

Ceaberry's Haberdashery: (Shop Updates)
The shop is currently up-to-date

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