September 14, 2017

Ceaberry's Homesteading: Heading into Late Summer

So the garden has its last little legs to go and on September 1st, I put of my last set of radishes. Oh radishes the bane of my existence. What isn't the bane of my existence are my snapdragons. Funny my favorite color would make a second appearance (just wait until the next update!) and it made me happy to see the new flowers poking through.

A little later on in September my snapdragons blushed a bit more and the celosia just took on a growth spurt! My begonias also took on a new life!

Here are the radish seedlings, Champion radishes. I will talk about what happened later with these little hopefuls... it is a bit face palm at the moment.

Continuing into the second week of September my snapdragons hit a growth, or should I say, blooming spree. My gracious!! Now if only the tomatoes would actually ripen...

The garlic is looking great... for well garlic.

My Rose of Sharon is blooming nicely even after all the pruning! 

Well that is it for now, I have to get the other photos processed. I am sorry for the silence lately, the family caught a cold and you know men when they get sick... at least my husband, he gets so cranky that its like I have 3 children and he is the youngest. I will be back on a normal schedule soon!!

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