October 18, 2016

New journey started, Step 1.

I will be podcasting soon! I have so much to share that it should be a nice episode (or I might break it up into a few smaller ones! I have slow internet so I understand file size issues).

But that's not what this post is about! 

I want to mark the beginning of a journey. I have a quilt to hand sew and hand quilt. This is for my girls, I needed something portable, like my knitting. But sometimes my wrists don't like knitting or cross stitching so sewing in my option. I hope to finish this in about a year. 

Journey step 1: Received the precut pieces my mom, bought me for my birthday (October 6th, I turned 30). I don't have the time or resources to cut 900+ squares/rectangles so she bought me a precut kit that was fussy cut. Fussy cut: to cut fabrics out with the motifs in mind.

A boxed arrived in my mailbox... Just a note to USPS, just because it CAN fit in my mailbox doesn't mean I CAN get it out of my mailbox. Especially if I am holding a 20lb 9 month old in one arm.

I opened the box excitedly and found the pattern on top of waxed paper.

When I opened the waxed paper, a delight of the eyes appeared before me!

Those neutral fabrics are tied in bundles! What a nice added touch! 

The colored fabric was neatly arranged by color. 

Soo many bundles of fabric!

A lovely note. They cut 900 squares/rectangles!! As you can see it says she over cut the amounts for picking and choosing (I got 32 extra of EACH)!

So there we have it!

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