March 19, 2018

Ceaberry's Homesteading: Raising Chicks-- First 7 days

So I have been patiently waiting for the 15th of March to come around. Not only did we find out the gender of our baby, my hatching eggs came in the mail. I had my in-laws get them so they wouldn't be in the cold.

However, on the 13th my baby chicks came! 29 of these little peepers. Unfortunately, 2 were dead in the box and over the next 5 days 6 more would die in the brooder. We lost our Maran rooster on Thursday as well. It is a hefty reminder that a lot of things with animals are well out of my control. All of them, ALL of them were rare breeds. Which to me is the real travesty. I don't know if they are a bit more "fragile" or I am doing something terribly terribly wrong. Now my more, um, common chicks have all done very well. Three of the 8 were inevitable deaths, they were either DOA or one was tiny with curled feet and very very mangled by the time we got her.

So the original brooder is actually for my hatchlings. I was waiting on my brooder panels to come in, so I could set it up properly. I had thought I had ordered them but apparently I forgot to do so, they were still in my cart. Oh pregnancy brain. The panels came on Thursday as well. They are are awesome and now they are setup downstairs in the basement, a nice non-fluctuating space.

Also, on Thursday (it was a busy day) we got 11 more chicks from tractor supply! I was more picking for egg production then "beauty." So if we are keeping track, that's 32 chicks. I have 42 set eggs, another 24 coming. I have roughly 52 other chicks coming and who knows I have to walk by the TSC chicks on Tuesday...

So the first 5 days hasn't been joyous and has had a bit of heft to its reality check dose it administered.

Now we did good the next few days with no dead chicks but on Day 8 we lost two chicks. I had been battling pasty butt and two of these chicks had bad cases for the last 3 days. So onward to the next week!